New Works by Kyung Soon Park, Francis Vallejo, & Austin McCormick
June 5th - July 19th, 2009

Subtext is proud to present an insightful 3-person exhibition featuring new works by Kyung Soon Park, Francis Vallejo, & Austin McCormick. For this show, each artist will be interpreting the origin of a hero/heroine, a mythical character, or an inspirational individual of their choice through a narrative body of work. The stories told by the artists will portray how their chosen subject came to be; how they’ve grown; and it will illustrate milestone moments in their journey. Join us at Subtext for an unforgetable exhibition.

Coming to Subtext July 24th-26th during San Diego Comic Con weekend, Meanwhile… at the Hall of Justice, a collection of superhero mishaps portayed by nearly 50 artsists.

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