Fragments & Phantoms

Fragments & Phantoms
New Works from Tim Maclean
July 14th – August 31st, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 14th, 6-10pm
Live Performance by Sundrop Electric at 9pm

We’re really excited about our upcoming show that is opening Saturday, July 14th during Comic Con weekend. Hailing from the Highlands of Scotland, Tim Maclean is an internationally exhibited artist who creates colorful and engaging, figurative works with a surreal twist. Tim has long been fascinated by the mystery of consciousness and how it is shaped by language and culture. In Fragments & Phantoms (his first solo exhibition), he explores the landscapes of mental realms, where the conscious and unconscious connect and archetypal patterns expand and converge. Maclean’s paintings are often populated with characters and figures inspired by the ages of pop culture, history, myth, and his own unique imagination supplies the rest.

Good Grief

Double Break Presents
Good Grief
New Work by Matt Coors and Louis M Schmidt
June 22nd – July 21st, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, June 22nd, 6-10pm at Double Break

Tomorrow night Double Break is hosting their latest show, Good Grief, an exhibition in celebration of Double Break’s one-year anniversary! On this momentous occasion, artist-owners Matt Coors and Louis M Schmidt will show their own work, including new drawings, prints, publications and more. Both recent MFA graduates of UCSD’s acclaimed Visual Arts Department, Coors and Schmidt share interests in the machinations and narratives of history, in pattern (and pattern disruption) as design and metaphor, in all things curious and mind-blowing, and lastly, in linguistic sword fighting, i.e. pun wars.

Francis Vallejo

It’s been a while since we looked at the work of Francis Vallejo, but after a quick review, we remembered why we liked him so much. We featured Francis’ worked back in 2009 for our Origins show, and his work did not disappoint. He’s a super nice guy with a ton of talent, so keep your eyes out for his stuff!

Sharon Moody

While browsing My Modern Met, I stumbled across this really nice series of oil paintings from Sharon Moody. The detail is amazing, and they actually look like photographs of comic books rather than meticulous paintings. One word: Shablam!

Eric Zener

Here’s some really nice photo-realism work by Eric Zener.


We have always loved the font offerings and artwork from You Work for Them. Good stuff for good prices, like MAAT… only twenty bucks! Get it here.

Spaces in Bewteen Opens this Friday!

Spaces in Between
New Works by Scott Saw
June 8th – July 6th, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, June 8th, 6-10pm

Scott Saw is an artist we’ve had the pleasure of showing many times over the years, but this marks our first solo exhibition with the San Diego native. His unmistakable work is a rich exploration of color and pattern inspired by space, nature, love and death. At its core, his creations are spiritual, energetic, vibrant, and most of all, cerebral. Spaces in Between will examine Saw’s recent life experiences, mixed subconscious interpretations of the afterlife, and will make us question what lies beneath the surface as we dive in and explore.

Art Around Adams

There’s lots of good stuff happening this Saturday June 2nd  at Art Around Adams, including two great shows that you should definitely make time to see:

The Assembly of Awesomeness, 5-10pm
Artlab Studios
3536 Adam Ave.
San Diego, CA 92116

Alternative Picks Photo Show, 7-9pm
PhotoMonkey Studio
2701 Adams Ave.
San Diego, CA 92116

Eric Van Straaten

Eric Van Straaten

Check out these amazing sculptures that Eric Van Straaten does using 3D printers. Yes, this is a 3D print. Insane!

John Powers

John Powers

Check out these beautiful geometric styrofoam block sculptures by artist, John Powers.