American Beer Can

July 20, 2012 | Posted in Subtext Loves

Bottlecraft & Subtext Present
American Beer Can
New Works by John Schulz
Opening Reception at Bottlecraft: Saturday, July 28th, 6-10pm
Bottlecraft, 2161 India Street, San Diego, CA 92101

If you like photography (and beer), mark your calendars! This Saturday night at Bottlecraft in Little Italy, photographer John Schulz will unveil his latest project, American Beer Can. In this exhibition, Schulz has successfully combined his passion for photography and his love of beer. American Beer Can is a photographic showcase of the art and design of the beer can in America. For over 80 years, breweries across the country have chosen canning as their primary method of packaging and distribution for the beer they brew. In that time, the beer can has not only become a signature of the beer it contained, but also a symbol of American culture and a highly researched, stylized piece of advertising art. In Schulz’s recently launched website,, he showcases the art of the beer can. “The site is not a can collecting site. It’s also not a reflection of the recent movement of newer American craft breweries to put their quality beer in cans. It’s simply a celebration of the artwork and design that has gone into this simple, yet iconic form of brewing history and Americana.”

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