Cartoon Network 20yr.

July 4, 2012 | Posted in Subtext Loves

Cartoon Network 20yr. Anniversary Exhibition
Curated by Mark Murphy
Artist Reception: Saturday, July 14th, 11am-8pm
Jett Gallery, 989 W. Kalmia Street (1 block south of Subtext)

Mark Murphy has put together a stellar lineup of over seventy-five world-class artists to take a close look at all of their cartoon heroes assembled from the times of Hanna-Barbera over the past 20 illustrative years of Cartoon Network. To celebrate the network’s 20th birthday, Murphy has paired each artist with a cartoon or character to freely interpret. It is bound to be an incredible show, so after you hit Fragments & Phantoms at Subtext, be sure to check out this show since it’s right down the street! Get more details about the show here.

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