Homeroom: Coming in November

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November 11th – December 11th, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, November 11th, 6-10pm
Food available from Chubby’s Food Truck from 6-8pm
Live performance by Roswell That Ends Well at 9pm

Fingerpaints, crayons, chalk and color pencils. We were all budding artists in childhood, and we had the freedom to create every mystical creature and dream we envisioned. The early years were full of drawings that were hung in the kitchen gallery, where everything we made was welcome and immediately sold into the hearts of our loved ones. Guest curated by Christina Conway, Homeroom attempts to rediscover the nostalgia of youth and innocent creativity. Each artist for this exhibition found a piece from their childhood and reinterpreted it in their current style. Join us this November, and see the results.

Featured artists include: Allison Sommers, Audrey Kawasaki, Catherine Brooks, Celëne Petrulak, Chris Ryniak, Dadu Shin, Harmony Gong, JAW Cooper, Jeya, Jennifer Davis, JUURI, Katherine Brannock, Kelly VivancoLeung Ka-Yin, Martin Hsu, Naoshi, Nimit Malavia, Sean Mahan, Soey Milk (featured above), Tran Nguyen, Yoskay Yamamoto and Zoë Williams.


  1. TBM

    I want that painting. Badly.

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