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LOOK: The Work of Grant Brittain & Josh Higgins
July 30th – August 28th, 2010

A huge thanks goes out to Grant Brittain and Josh Higgins who not only put together an incredible body of work for their first show at Subtext, but also helped organize two stellar receptions! We’d also like to send some love to the many  people who made these events possible: The Tractor Room, Bull Taco, Nixon, Chrome, ID-Prints, Grind for Life, and of course Adrian Demain who provided the melodic atmosphere for both receptions. If you missed the show, and would still like to see it (before it ends on the 28th), contact us here. More photos from the receptions after the jump.

About the Show: Different artists, different mediums, different content. But the song remains the same (or at least similar). Friends and fellow artists Grant Brittain and Josh Higgins will grace the walls of Subtext in a joint venture of unrelated themes. Brittain’s portraiture of some of skateboarding’s greatest names through the years features icons and underground heroes. Higgins’ poster-art focuses on his work with punkers, musical heros, and charitable causes. Together, the collective work suggests what it would be like to eavesdrop on these guys hanging out, having a beer, and comparing broken wrists and paper cuts. LOOK: A dialogue for your eyes. At Subtext this summer.


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