Home Is Where You Make It: Opening Night

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Home Is Where You Make It: New Works by Jolby
February 21st-MArch 22nd, 2009
Opening Reception with the Artists: This Saturday, February 21st, 6-10pm
Show Preview

Thank you so much to everyone who came out for the opening of Jolby’s first solo exhibition. And thank you to Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols who produced such a stellar amount of work. It was one of the most beautifully executed shows we’ve had in our 2+ years. There were nearly 50 pieces that the artists collaborated on, not to mention, plush dolls, an original soundtrack, and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies! That’s right. If you missed the show, be sure to come check it out while it’s up (through March 22nd). It is a sight to see! Photos from the opening after the jump…

In their first solo show, Jolby’s work takes us on the journey of a boy named William who, after suffering a great loss, leaves his familiar town of Seaside to discover what “home” really means inside the depths of an aging forest. Throughout this story we are introduced to a detailed world filled with odd characters, illustrious patterns, vibrant colors, and hand-rendered type. The show tells this imaginative story using a variety of mediums including screen prints, paintings, drawings, and even detailed handmade plush dolls contributed by Jill and Erin Lynch’s (Dolls for Friends). Reflecting on their recent life experiences, the “Home is Where You Make it” story has been inspired by the artists’ pasts and deals with love, hope, depression, faith, isolation, acceptance, and re-birth.

Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols have been labeled “the illustrative monster that is Jolby” and have been working together on various projects since their first collaboration in 2005. The two combine their talents through Colby’s obsession with drawing creatures and shapes while adding Josh’s love for pattern and texture to create a look that is purely “Jolby.”


  1. Dylan

    An unbelievable show. Wow! Jolby rules.

  2. the show looks awesome! can’t wait to come see it.

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