Indelible: Opens August 8th

July 20, 2008 | Posted in Past Shows & Events | 1 Comment

August 8th – 31st, 2008 Opening Reception: Friday, August 8th, 6-10pm

This group exhibition represents the release of raw emotion and the transfer of thought and energy that occurs as pen meets paper. As in life, there are no erasers, no retakes, just a commitment made and action taken. Be it boldly expressive, or quiet and understated, Subtext invites you to encounter provocative works from nearly 20 carefully selected artists from around the globe. Guest curated by Subtext’s own George Garcia, this show is a must see for every illustration aficionado. 

Participating artists include: Marcos Chin, Josh Cochran, Ryan Graber, David Foldvari, Ata Bozaci, Emily Wright, Marco Zamora, Brody Albert, Reinier Gamboa, Ken Garduno, Lisa Alisa, Jan Feindt, John Antoski, Paul Drohan, Scott Barry, Craig Hewitt, Eveline Tarunadjaja, Lars Henkel, Anke Weckmann, Josh Kenyon, & Stefan Bucher.


  1. Monica

    Sounds like a cool show! Will it be at the SubText Store?

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